Why Us?

Wham, Bam, Thank You M’AM!

Why do you need a MAM App?

MusicAppMaker was made for musicians by musicians - with help from some of the smartest developers out there. The result…you my musician friends will get your hands on a completely customized, high-quality M’AM App for your band or venue that rivals the look, feel and functionality of a custom built App that would cost you thousands of dollars to build.

  • HIGH IMPACT. We build your band or venue a high-caliber and fully customized native M’AM App (for iOS and Android users) that will elevate your fan engagement, enhance your marketing, and optimize your monetization.
  • LOW COST. You’d typically pay thousands of dollars a year--or thousands upon thousands of dollars upfront--to develop an App of this caliber. …with M’AM you get the best-of-the-best for a small fraction of the price.
  • NO HASSLE. You don't have to be a coder. You don't even have to know what we mean when we say you will get a native app (trust us, that is a good thing)! You don't have to waste your precious time worrying about getting your M’AM App published. We handle it all--from building your custom App to publishing across both iOS and Android platforms--let MusicAppMaker do the heavy lifting for you!