Announcing the Launch of MusicAppMaker (M’AM)—

Ground-Breaking App-Making Platform for Musicians

M'AM Provides a Low-Hassle, Low Cost Solution for Creating High-Quality Personalized and Customized App for only $299

M'AM-Made Apps Accelerate Fan Engagement and Brand Monetization

Artists Offered Opportunity to Earn Up to $500 Cash Back and Support of the Charity of their Choice

February 6, 2017 --- From Hip-Hop performers to Country singers, garage bands to headliners -- and every artist in between -- an App is a must-have marketing tool for musicians in today's digital, mobile world. There is no better way to sell music, promote gigs and engage with fans. Building a highly-customized slick App has long been the reserved domain of established musicians because of the high price point to make one. Until now. Introducing MusicAppMaker (M'AM), an App-making platform that makes it easy for musicians to create engaging, customized native Apple and Android Apps– all at the very affordable price of $299.00 for App development and $19.95 per month to maintain the App – a fraction of the cost for other custom App development options.

Through M'AM, artists have their very own branded native App created

  • Fully customized with the artist's content, design choices, logo, brand and name
  • Published by M'AM to the Apple and Google Play App stores
  • Free for fans to download
  • Slick, polished and easy to navigate - a great user experience for fans
  • Built to allow each artist to communicate and interact directly with their fan base through customized push and SMS notifications that they send directly to fans that have downloaded their App
  • Supported with real-time sync of App content from the M'AM portal which allows artists to update their content real-time, as often as they want
  • Backed with data and analytics

Putting each artist's music and brand directly into the hands of an endless number of their fans!

A custom App powered by M'AM delivers several unique benefits that a website or social media page cannot provide artists today, including:

  • Putting the artist's brand directly on their fans' mobile devices!
  • Full customization - not subject to limitations of social media platforms and no third-party branding
  • Elevated fan engagement - push notifications and SMS messages that can be sent straight to fans' mobile devices to promote music releases, tour dates, merchandise sales, social campaigns and more
  • Immediate feedback - artists can access real-time data and usage analytics on the M'AM portal
  • Built to allow each artist to communicate and interact directly with their fan base through customized push and SMS notifications that they send directly to fans that have downloaded their App

Turnkey Platform Requiring Absolutely No Coding Skills

To create a custom M'AM-made App, artists simply:

  • Create an account on
  • Select their preferences
  • Load their content up to the M'AM portal including photos, videos, songs, tour schedules, merchandise sites, social feeds and more
  • Once an artist's content is submitted, M'AM creates an IOS and Android App for them – no coding skills requires
  • M'AM publishes the artist's custom App directly to the Apple and Google Play App stores where their fans can access and download their App for free

"M'AM's mission is to make high-quality Apps as ubiquitous as websites and social media pages for musicians of all types, no matter what music genre or where the artist is in their career," said Joe Bachman, M'AM President and lifelong touring artist. "I know first hand how important it is to find new ways to connect with fans and to do it real time. I also know how hard it is to make ends meet when you are out there on the road. "That's why I teamed up with the best-of-the-best in App development and built the MusicAppMaker platform. With M'AM, artists everywhere can now afford to have their own App built – an App that is all theirs, controlled by them and that is of such good quality that they can stand proudly behind it."

Priced With the Artist in Mind With the Chance to Earn Up to $500 Cash Back

Custom Apps built by M'AM can be purchased for the low price of $299 for App development plus $19.95 per month to maintain the App. M'AM is priced at a significant discount to the $5000+ it costs to build a custom App.

On top of these savings, for a limited time, M'AM is offering artists that sign up now the opportunity to earn up to $500 cash back by participating in the M'AM referral program. Upon sign up, each artist will receive ten referral invites to share with musician friends. Each time a referral code is used, the inviting artist will earn $50.00.

"Together We Give" Charity Program

M'AM believes that by coming together as a music community, M'AM can give big and loud to charities that are near and dear to the M'AM community's heart. For every artist that joins, M'AM will donate $1 per month to the charity that the artist selects from the M'AM partner charities.

"Giving back is at the core of our company," said Bachman. "We want to leverage the power of the M'AM community in order to give artists access to the sleekest and most affordable custom App on the market, give fans access to the artists that they love, and give charities the support and awareness that they need. As the M'AM community grows, our giving will grow too. Together we truly are louder."

About MusicAppMaker

MusicAppMaker – or M’AM -- is a groundbreaking new App-making platform made for musicians by musicians. In today’s digital, mobile world having your own App is a must-have for any Artist to monetize their brand, promote their music, and engage directly and intimately with their fans. With M’AM artists can create their own high-quality custom native App with no hassle and for the very affordable price of $299 for App development plus $19.95 per month to maintain the App – a significant discount when compared to the cost for custom App development and other App templates on the market. All custom Apps made by M’AM are IOS and Android compatible and published to the App stores for the artist’s fans to download for free. Get started and learn more at

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